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Express Deliveries

All our services are Same Day Services

EXCLUSIVE: Our driver will pick up your parcel and deliver it to destination without any stops.

SAME DAY: The package will be delivered the same day it was picked up (if pick up time allows it)

Intra office mail pouch service

Special services for office mail room

The services that we offer for office correspondence are basically two:

Office to Office: We will pick-up the Intra Company Mail and deliver to your offices in the area, our driver will pick-up from headquarters or office designated by client and delivers and picks mail from all the offices, he will complete the route at the first office location


US Post Office Run: Our Drivers will pick-up the Mail from your office and deliver to the US Post Office and will bring back the Mail from your PO Box

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Your delicate merchandise is safe with us.

Merchant Service

This is a service that is designed for Small Businesses

This service is specially designed for local merchants. What we offer to local merchants is an economical way to compete with larger outfits in the delivery area. Many Local Businesses have been hurt by COVID-19 Pandemic, unable to serve their customers or doing it with a lot of difficulty.  Walmart®, Super Stop & Shop®, and others were able to respond with their delivery services. This has given many customers the feel of home shopping and same day deliveries. This type of shopping is here to stay. Call us at 203-283-4476 and ask for Marco, we can taylor a service just for you or go to our booking page and simulate a typical day run for your business.

More Services

This service will provide our clients with a service to deliver parcels to the airport for the next flight out or pick up from incoming flights:

JFK – New York

LGA – New  York

BDL – Hartford

HVN – New Haven

HPN – White Plains