Business Opportunities

business opportunity with us

There are several ways to do business with us, please explore this possibilities in this page.

Independent Driver*

We are always looking for independent drivers to join our organization. We pay one of the highest split in the industry, we also accept drivers that work for more than one courier service. If you join our organization of part time drivers, when we have deliveries, we will contact you via text and if you are available to take the delivery, we will send you the order via a special software that you will have on your phone. If you want to know more, please use the form below to contact us.

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Co-operating courier service*

There are many good courier services in the market, and although we compete with each other, we are not enemies. Is our experience that our service gets overwhelmed some times and we are in the situation were we could use some help. So I ask my fellow Express Courier provider to let as know if they are Disponible to help with our work load, as we will do for them if needed, when things get a little hectic for them. 

Please use the form below to contact us or call 203.283.4476.

Warehouse space provider*

We are also looking for warehouse space to rent on a temporary basis, as you may understand our warehousing needs chenge, based on season, economy, customers that we serve, etch.

It doesn’t make business sense to pay for a warehouse that is empty for a long time. Empty or full, the  rent or the mortgage doesn’t change, and you may have space available in your facility that we can use and help you in your cost. You may have reduced the size of your shop, office or store. Basically if you have a business that has extra space, we may consider renting it,  Contact us at 203.283.4476 and let’s talk about it.

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Our business wouldn’t be were it is today if it wasn’t for our agents. An agent is a person or organization that has access to our system and can book deliveries. I am thinking of agencies like UPS Store®, FedEx Store® or the corner convenience store, that is well inserted in the community and can provide this service to the neighborhood or a student in the College Campus that can be an agent for is fellow students

If you would like more details please call us at 203.283.4476 and we can explain with more details, or use the form below.


* This opportunities are only for Connecticut.